How-To contribute to JWebUnit

JWebUnit is an open-source project and is looking for contributors. Please read the following sections if you plan to help.

What needs to be done?

Here are some ideas:

  • Improve Selenium plugin (should ideally pass 100% unit tests). May need some modifications of the API.
  • Improve Web 2.0 support (AJAX, drag&drop, focus, mouse clicks, keypress, ...). Will need additions/modifications of the API.
  • Take advantage of Java 5 (use generics, ...)
  • Create a record tool like SeleniumIDE or WebTestRecorder.
Of course these are simple suggestions and you can propose many different things.

OK, I want to help. How to start with?

First, you need to do your homeworks. Checkout latest code from trunk then try to build JWebUnit with Maven.

Please subscribe to the developper mailing-list and tell what feature you are working on.

I will review your first contribution and if it doesn't break anything you will certainly be granted with commit rights (you need a sourceforge account for that).