JWebUnit Installation

Using Maven

If your project use Maven, it's very simple. Just add the plugin you want as dependency:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <description>A wonderful project using JWebUnit</description>


If you don't want to use Maven, you can download files manually. First download latest stable version of JWebUnit from the releases area and expand to a local directory.

Choose what plugin you want to use

There are currently 2 available plugins:

  • HtmlUnit: A good choice if you want fast tests and good Javascript support.
  • Webdriver: BETA quality (not all the JWebUnit API could be executed with Webdriver)

Integrate with IDE

The simplest way to manage dependencies in Eclipse when you use Maven 2 is to use m2e plugin.

If you don't want to use Maven, make sure you add the jwebunit-htmlunit-plugin-XX.jar, jwebunit-core-XX.jar and all HtmlUnit dependencies (these files are in lib/ folder of the JWebUnit package) to your classpath in your IDE.